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Posted by La Cosa Nostra
^No. :nono:

Posted by Blay'all
Originally Posted by Nostradamus
^Black people call themselves niggas all the time.. Whats your point?

Lol... i was just kidding dawg

Posted by American Tiger
it fits tho.... O!

The 3 Dundees!.

that shits perfect dude....I'd use if i was an ausie.

Posted by La Cosa Nostra
I think I shall call the rap group.........*pauses for suspence*

Preperation H

*Puts his little finger near his mouth*

Posted by Blay'all
AAh yeah, if i was an Aussie rapper i would so call myself Dundeezy

Lil Dundeezy


Posted by La Cosa Nostra
I'm glad your not an aussie rapper then..

Posted by TeamOne
hhahaha........ but wtf...... wat is OMB?!!?!?!?!??! He isnt black?!?!?!

Posted by Compose
Originally Posted by Pop Lotty
Gay niggas.....

and yea omb isnt black he posted his pic a while ago, besides i never seen a black austraillian anyway :\


Posted by Blay'all
Originally Posted by Nostradamus
I'm glad your not an aussie rapper then..

Haha i was just playin but still

that would be dope as fuck

Posted by JRoy
Outback Political

Posted by Germ
word. what kinda accent do aussies have while rappin, do they just sound normal or what.../??, hmmm, ???.....fuck, know what be a hilarious name, major diction, haha, id buy all your albums if you were those guys,,,agaga

Posted by Spektikul
Try associating all of your names into one...
Nomba. :thumbup:
...but maybe something better. haha.

Posted by Germ
^ yep, thats a GRRREAT idea (says tony), yep....

Posted by Terumoto
ha! you guys thought I was black?? Ive never even once hinted I was... Ive always said I was white... when my hair is braided I look like bizzy bone actually....


need names guys

upandover instead of down under nah i'm playin ya'll should sit down and do this it would mean more to the group if ya'll picked the name...

Posted by Germ
God Inc....^^haha, most likely they will come up with somethin, this is just to try and turn on their creative juices, word.....OR, MOM..messengers of music, haha, boy acronyms are fun

Posted by TeamOne
Originally Posted by One M.B.
... when my hair is braided I look like bizzy bone actually....

That is EXACTLY y i thought u were black.

Posted by Germ
^ man, nos, you and O.M.B shoulda have another whack battle....haha, best shit ive ever read....errr. i mean worst shit!, but yeah....haa, what about karma killers...nah, jk, just said it cause it sounded cool, or HEY, you could buy twizted governments name??? haha jk again ^^^

Posted by High-Dro
how bout, uhh...Pop 'N' Fresh...hahahaha...mmm...pop n fresh

Posted by MC Virtuoso
2 guys a girl and a pizza place

Posted by [Jimmy Pocketz]
*Nuff Said*....