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Posted by Rising Sun
the game is filled with wack rappers nowadays (ex. young gunz) and i was wondering what you thought would be rap that has some deep stuff. let me kno ur opinion....
this is not in any order just ten songs that come in mind

Life-Royce da 5'9''
Hate in a Puddle-Illogic
Harlem Streets-Immortal Technique
Staring Through My Rearview-2Pac
Always COming back home to you-Atmosphere
My Life-Styles P

my mind is drawing a blank now...sorry....give me ur opinion :huh: :huh:

Posted by Shadows edge
For sure on Harlem Streets and Hate in a Puddle.

Eyedea: Bottle Dreams
Ghostface: All that I got is you

.. also kinda drawing a blank right now.

Posted by Key...
Pac- Dear Moma

Posted by Killuminatic
2pac - Dear mama
Jay-z - You must love me
Nas - Dance
Biggie - Miss u
Big Pun - Punish Me
Bone - Tha Crossroads
LL Cool J - I need love
Fredro Starr - True Colors
Will Smith - Just the 2 of us
Pagez - Long live the dead

Those, hands down, most moving songs. In no particular order

Posted by For$akeN
Nas- Dance
Immortal Technique- You Never Know & Dance With The Devil

Posted by tha ghost
coolio-gangsta paradise
Nas-kids in the pj's

Posted by MoTiF
Crossroads is good for this umm yea

Posted by L.I.
change the world - btnh
pac - dear mamma
i wish remix - r kelly
halies song - eminem
what if - fredro starr
changes - pac
slippin, fallin - dmx
one mic - nas
i'll be missing you - puff daddy

Posted by T. Wonder
no paticular order

2pac-dear mama
jay-z - meet the parents
b.i.g.- ur nobody til somebody kills u
kanye west- never let u down
2pac- so many tears
jay-z - song cry
jay-z - cant be life - somehow some way

Posted by L.A.STR~E~TZ
You never know-I.T.
Dance with the devil-I.T.
Love life-Atmosphere
Forest whitiker-Brother Ali
success-Mr. Lif
Post mortem-Mr. Lif, EL-P, Jean Grae & Akrobatik
Hold U-Masta Ace feat. Jean grae\

Just a couple taht come to mind

Posted by Enhance
Chingy right thurr - now that is a sad song

Posted by mC.Cm
lol tru dat

Posted by GKillaz05
I would say 2pac - Dear Momma.. I dont really know any other ones.. Every Breath You Take by P. Diddy aint to bad either.

Posted by Willa
halies song eminem
dear momma 2pac
brendas got a baby 2pac
change 2pac
until the end of time 2pac
ill be missin u pdiddy

Posted by GKillaz05
Thats it.. I'll Be Missin You.. Not I be Watchin You.. lol, and yeah changes is one too.. same wit Until The End of Time...

Posted by M&rk
DeadlyVision is a sick sick fuck, jus so everyone knows. damn u nasty kid. but ya
scareface- never seen a man die, or sumin like that

Posted by ladyflamez
Originally Posted by Murderous Mask
Chingy right thurr - now that is a sad song


No particular order:

Dear Angie, by Joe Buddens
Love is Blind, by Eve
Soon You'll Understand, by Jay
Grandma by, DMX
Daddy's Little Baby, by JaRuLe